Senin, 18 Agustus 2008

English Jokes Maker Competition for State Univ. of Surabaya Students

A. Concept

As international language, English is one of skill important to be mastered, because English applied as medium of instruction in the field of science, technology, business,economic,tourism board ,and diplomacy. In education system of Indonesia, linguistic also occupies a real important position. English taught that in the time later student can permeate and develops science.

One of way of that student of Indonesia can develop knowledge and skill, they especially in the field of language is by performing a competitions that having the character of academic and non-academic, where student will be given creative opportunity to critically with activity called `English Week`.

This competition is in the form of festival takes for a ride having theme smart to make jokes. Intention of this activity is to distribute student creativity in the case of taking for a ride at the same time. In addition, to trains ability for `English Week` participant.

Time : 0ctober 29, 2008

Place : Joglo FBS UNESA

Participant : * 30 Participant 

                       * College & Senior high school

                        * 1 team maximal 3 students

Biaya pendaftaran : @ 15.000 rupiahs per participant

Theme : FREE ( SARA not included )

B. Scoring

C. Appreciation

Price : First Winner { Throphy and Fresh Money 200.000 rupiahs }

Second Winner { Throphy and Fresh Money 100.000 rupiahs }

Third Winner { Throphy and Fresh Money 75.000 rupiahs }

Facility : Certificate and Snack for participant

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